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Theoretical development of fundamental aspects and computational applications of many-body methods in the area of nanoscience, nanotechnology, and trapped ultracold atoms. My reserach aims at describing ground-state properties, electronic spectra, plasmon-like oscillations, decay, fragmentation, and fission, as well as the emergence of collective behavior and collective excitations in condensed-matter, finite-size systems and nanostructures; such as metal clusters, complex carbon clusters (e.g., fullerenes, and fullerene onions and coaxial nanotubes), helium-3 clusters, metallic nanowires and nanoconstrictions, two-dimensional semiconductor and graphene quantum dots, and rotating bosons in harmonic traps. This line of research is highly interdisciplinary and overlaps with several fields, such as condensed-matter physics, materials science, computational physics, mesoscopics, physical chemistry, quantum chemistry, few-body systems, the fractional quantum Hall effect, atomic and molecular physics, Bose-Einstein condensation, nuclear physics, astrophysics, and quantum computing.

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Atlanta, GA 30332-0430 , School of Physics, 837 State Street

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